This is a satire, an irony of our times that effects our times and our futures.

• Democratic Nations are made of four kind of people as political entities.

~ 1st – Those who are too engaged in day to day living and will vote for anyone who can help them with day to day living.

~ 2nd – Those who are more discerning but unwilling to enter the political fray for a variety of reasons.

~ 3rd – Those who are affiliated to Political Parties.  

~ 4th – A category of people who can buy Politicians & parties, irrespective of which Political Party is or comes to power and hence are out of preview here! 

• The 1st type of people are the mass that provides politics it’s momentum. 

~ Voting as a right is a lovely empowering thought & also a major exploit!

~ Party workers and volunteers herd their vote banks from this lot, out of their homes to the voting booths with sops telling them that they alone can elliviate them from their immediate challenges.

•Democracies also breed a lot of very deserving intelligent but arm chair bound commentators, mostly from the 2nd category.

~This group allows Politicians to exploit them with different sops, doled out such as reduced or increased rates of – inflation, interests, DA, etc. They are also easily exploited by as much as, praise and photo opportunities​ which makes them feel good and keeps them engaged..

• Political parties have to deal with this category easily by

~ Ignoring or silencing them by economic, social or physical coercion, or by dividing them in such a manner that they cease to be a political force or threat.

~ A classic case in this is the large community of Veterans of the Defence Services. While all other services have Unions affiliated  to or vote enmass these Veteran try and retain their pristine Individuality & loyalty to the Nation alone.

•Rest of the people in Democracies are for one or the other party and by and large already indoctrinated.

~ Like the 1st category these people are retained in their parties or swayed away from their affiliations by comfort, power or mostly money.

• Most literate, aware but unaligned people fall into the second category, for that very reason & others besides, called ‘The Middle Classes’, which despite their franchising power, are always in the lurch because,

~ They are divided.

~ They involve more in cribbing and less action, being occupied with keeping up their good hard earned standards & status of living by any means.

~ They prefer to keep silent, rather than contesting the wrongs done to them. 

~ They are easily sent scurrying for cover at the slightest a hint of stronger action, even if cribbing and complaining.

~ This middle classes, are not desperate enough nor corrupt enough to create disruptions and that suits the Politicians of all hues very well.

• Maintaining status quo thus becomes easier for longer periods.

• Politicians across parties know this very well. 

• That is why they have, retain & nurture, ‘The Crass’, ‘The Bahubalis’, the ‘Mr. Money Bags’ to take care of all sections of the populace!  

• ‘The Discerning’ of the parties, remain at the core alone and all others are expected to follow their party orders.

• To politicians, ‘The Party’ is their nursury-school-college & Institute, their Alma-matter & they owe their first allegence to their Party alone. 

• All not in the Parking, are – “Others”,  to be exploited under the principle of ‘With us or Against Us’.

• However, within political parties too they have divisions based on the very same lines & originating from the very same aspects of greed & power executed through the same diabolic means of power, money and crass betrayals.

 • Those ‘joining’ a Political Party anew are just foot soldiers. To graduate to a higher rankings, they have to prove their mettle by 

~ Getting at least a Lakh Voters to vote from an area.

~ Or donate and show promise & capability to continue to donate at least a Crore and above annually.

~ Or show capabilities, of enough hooliganism to be of immediate crisis solving quality for the Party, be it murder or coercion & be able to take the legal rap for it.

• Political Parties are thus ‘Good Socially Uplifting Groups & Mafias’ rolled in together.

~ For all those signing up to join these parties manually or electronically are romantics and will remain so because unless they choose well from the above mentioned dyanamics they will continue to be the foot soldiers, providing mass & for organising rallies and adding to the appreciative noise about the particular Party, that is very necessary for parties to garner votes.

•However there are decent Politicians also in every Political Party, but their numbers have been dwindling faster than some exotic species & life forms on Earth!

• What do we do as Veterans? 

~Luckily lile all others, we are related or connected to our Democracies through only one or two Politician/s who represent our area/s.

~ Be need to be very severe in our assessment when voting in the next election.

~Stop voting for a Party, vote for their man on the ground.

~ Speak up, be heard, educate the exploitable category even if they are few.

~ Do not ‘Revolt’  or ‘Mutiny’ against any.

~ Our Silence will do worse than kill our conscience, by maiming the future of our children.

• That my friends from the Defence Services, should settle any political differences we have within ourselves; especially after we have seen the effects of political apathy across India and on her borders.

• Know about and talk about the MLA/ MLC of your respective areas, on a daily, job by job done, basis. 

•What Modi or Sonia will do next is pretty far in time and the Defence Minister is operational, not yet a Veteran!




The apparition that every enemy dreads most and Nations, Armies finally wrest their ground & pound of flesh with, is the calm flashing determined eyes, grinding​ teeth & blood soaked bayonets, khukries & talwars, closing in from amongst shadows swiftly, silently or piercingly, sweeping through the worst weather, as well as strategic, tactical, logistic snafus, as a mud & ice caked, blood, sweat, rain & sleet soaked single body of men with, spirits of steel & nobility of emperors, ready to sacrifice their everything, for what they reverently feel, their Army & Nation deserves, coming in to claim the rightful price for their National cause and fallen brothers.

Yes, that is –Your Infantry

which finally demands nothing more than, camraderie, humour- the more caustic the better, a hot meal, maybe a dry pair of clothes and a warm place to sleep, before the next engagement, while others seek to bring it, it’s well earned honour or, contest it from behind fancy equipment and polished desks.  

That people, is Your unsung defence, which can’t be done without nor, done away with 

– The Infantry! 

– Always At Your Service Whenever, Wherever & for Whatever Required.

– It’s for The Nation to Make Sure That the Cause is Worthy of the Spirit Which Your Infantry, is Sure to Employ Always.


With Deepest Regards To The Serving Infantry and With Peace, Remembrance and Deepest Reverence to the Spirit That Drives The Infantry In Eternity & The Spirits of Our Brothers, the Sentinels Over Every Boundary Pillar of Our Beautiful Land, Comrades Who Allow Us To Celebrate This Day As A Nation Well Secured 

Happy Infantry Day

Col Dilip Kumar Sharma (Retired)
Fourth Battalion The First Gorkha Rifles

A Comment On: Kapil Sibal’s – A New Vision For A New India. (Published in Hindu 23/10/’17)

Mr. Sibal,
“A New Vision For A New India”, is what Indians get every five years and hence your article articulates nothing new. In fact it abuses the intellect of your franchisees.
Lets first see the boundaries of the vision, the land India and its people Indians, have wanted since Independence. These are few, simple and clear, as enumerated below:
A leadership That Is Honest & Transparent.
Regular time to time, revelations from recent, modern, contemporary history have shaken this belief to the point of betrayal.

Make public personal accounts (earnings, sources & assets left behind after death) of all political leaders since independence.

• A just leadership that lives what it preaches.

Polity has continuously demonstrated it’s utter contempt for the regular, normal and ordinary citizen except for the periods before elections, like now and your need to write this piece.

A comparison of promises, made before elections and fulfilled, at the end of those tenures will provide it.
An Administration That is Empathic To The Challenges Of The Common Citizen.
The bureaucracy has become an elite exploitative plundering bourgeoisie that is a fine & detailed repository of tricks to keep political coffers ringing regularly, with money from every scheme announced for the common citizen.
Thus, it is clearly felt across this pious land, that all schemes since Independence were basically devised with the prime objective of benefitting the politicians & their parties along with the administrators & contractors, with citizen’s schemes being only the advertisement covers to hide the loot!

Put accounts of every single welfare scheme announced, planned, scheduled in time, completed, claimed in the next election, under scrutiny of the public in the area they were ‘implemented’ in and then hold a referendum to assess if the Contractor/ IAS / IPS / MLC /MLA / CM, deserves the next contract, promotion and election.

Frame Laws That Provide True Democracy (Loktantra) & Empower The Common Citizen
How could the very laws, rules & regulations with appendices, annexures & interpretive notes that were framed executed & refined to the last dot, by an occupational force & administration, basically for exploitation of this land & people, to benefit contractors and a crown in a distant land for over 200 years, provide succour to the people they looted, plundered & systematically broke in spirit, culture & identity?
Was this lost on our early leaders, many of whom were educated in the West and in law?
Or was this part of a design?

Make the study, ‘Indian Laws: Then & Now- A Comparative Study of Laws For A Colonised & Democratically Empowered Citizenry in Pre & Post Independent India With Suggested Corrections & Additions”, compulsory for all PhD students across India for two years seeking opinions and recommendations.
Just, Empathic, Constructive Execution of Existing Laws
The Police that existed pre-Independence continued to exist as such without being redefined, retrained or reformed.
Coercive policing fine tuned to subjugate, has not become a forward looking nation building, sensitive force, at a stroke of a midnight 70 years ago. It has become a suppressed, subjugated, confused and a corrupt prostitute of political power divided not just between the Centre and States but also torn asunder by the IPS, Cadre Officers, MLA & MLCs and any one who can pay them to keep their flesh and spirit together.
What has our leadership done on that score untill now?

Let public know the laid down Police to Public Ratios recommended and existing year to year since 1947 in every District, the actual policemen recruited and how have the funds sanctioned for the pay and allowances for these numbers used.
Also make public the expenses incurred on training & police-men actually trained on ground with names for public verification.
Surprisingly many may still be alive to give your political arguments, some romantic credibility!
• The list is long but the main points need to be mentioned without explanations and proof which would generally be on the lines mentioned above. Some other main points are –
Forward Looking, Inquisitive, Creative, Freedom Seeking – Education.

• Better Communication – Travel, Transportation & Messaging.

• Administrative Divisions For Earliest Development Not Politically Exploitative Fractions Of Language, Religion, Caste, Sex, Etc.

• Equality & Uniformity in Laws, Treatment, Civil Codes.

• Understanding The Diversity of Cultures, Religions, Ways Of Life Of All Including Adivasis & Amalgamating These To a Constituent Nation and Not Pandering To Mining, Industrial Contractors and Tweaking The Constitution itself.

• Land Reforms To Cater To Traditional Land Holdings Held By Honour Codes & Word Of The Mouth Ethnic to India & Indians & Not as Decreed & Recorded Under a Stamp, Imperial to an Occupational Force.

• Making Internal Security An Imperative Not Sowing Seed For Secessionist Elements To Roost & Be Exploited.

• Making Food, Water, Fresh Air & Economic Security The First Every Day Priority.

Sorry Sir, you have long forfeited your right to speak at all.
Your article is, therefore hollow and will be read or appreciated by only “Bhakts” in the press or out of it on social media, for or against you in an unscrupulous dance to find favour with you or mow you down, in this shameless nakedness you and your ilk dance to the tunes you call Democracy, which took away precisely that from the people and have reduced our vision of democracy to an oligarchy of a family or a party, depending on the party symbol that represents only the way you Politicians exploit people.
You can not counter the points raised. You may only either sidestep the issue / issues or ridicule this write up and me, basically because you – my polity, were & are guilty of being blatantly unworthy of our trust and have proved it so every single time and again when you obfuscate and get away, as your article tries the same once again!

Further, you can do nothing to turn the clock back as it will open such a Pandora’s box that the original writers of that story would be put to shame.
To follow up and reply to these comments, try the recipes that provide proof as mentioned and extrapolate them to the other aspects listed.
I write without any remorse & also without prejudice to you or any political party; but only in disgust of all politicians affiliated to all Parties, as a very personal opinion that luckily your kinds have not been able to take away, yet.
Thank you.


Hope-The Eternal Solace

Every single beckoning point of light paves way for the glow that can embrace a whole day, life & eternity, making light of​  weary loads.  Always hope for the best, it’s​ always there, on the horizon beckoning….
Raise your chin friends, it’s a new dawn.
Good Morning Everyone



Beyond the Dhoklam Plateau standoff, neither China nor US nor EU are India’s enemies.

They are all partners in progress depending on how we manage our relationships despite the huge gaps created in our military capabilities in the last 70 years of self serving Governments, scared of their own Defence Services, thanks to political apathy, lack of knowledge & bureaucratic mischief.

Most of the rhetorical dialogues in news are propoganda, not just by the Chinese but also our opposition, be it Mulayam or Rahul Gandhi who, now like Pakistani politicians need an enemy state to be constantly hated by the public and their electorates scared of, for them to stay relevant .

India also happens to be one of  the most easily & heavily accessed & manipulated Nations by foreign intelligence agencies of the World, thanks to our politically maintained poverty, illiteracy & prolific democratic election schedules that literally need, tons of revenue in cash of any colour and by hook or crook.

On the other hand, aiming to undo years of military neglect, as well as that of the North Eastern States in general, India has in the last five years if not more, done what is the basic mandatory infrastructural development and military build up.

This was bound to spoof the  Chinese older perceptions and force them to try new military devices, at least during their annual military exercises and at that, in the NE sector very obviously starting from, literally from the “neck” leading to the Dhoklam Plateau standoff, nearest to the narrowest​ part of India joining the NE.

India and China are within their rights to develop and deploy their resources, military or otherwise as they feel right. This is bound to happen and only increase even if our trade and political relationships increase, because the Chinese like every other self respecting Nation of the World maintain what one of their thinkers said – “Political manouvering and military capabilities should be viewed independent of each other”.

It is we who have been complacent with our military capabilities for six decades, except when it was is thrust on us and we had to do something.

Media hype and internet rhetoric generated in our “Obtuse Free Media”, has also created a hysteria within the country and in the Chinese media that is otherwise mostly muzzled and speaks for the Government even when exploring with many opinions and voices.

By and large these issues are sorted out amiably between two countries and armies.

However for the last decade most of the English media is on an American-European romance and has not at all been objective or analytical.

India as a major, diverse & strategically located land mass in Asia, the second most populated & scientifically specialised Nation in the World and the most populated Democratic Nation of the World, is very special to all those who wish to stay ahead in the World.

India must thus, have a balanced approach to its neighbours and find ways to synergise with both the US, EU & China, rather than play second fiddle in various wars between the East & the West, be they market wars, commercial, or of natural resources, or of the military kind.

China too has a lot to gain from peace with India and I doubt if the Chinese economy wishes to afford a war with India or even Vietnam for that matter.

I’m sure our Diplomatic Corps will soon find a progressive way ahead of these costly posturing and manouvering, as the intent behind these is more important than the staring eyeballs and stomping feet, as done for years at “Wagha Border” with only dire consequences to the knees of the BSF Constables & Pakistani Rangers on Opposite sides of the border!




Terror will wane sooner, now!

The theme “Terror” as a low cost proxy, faceless effective weapon to destabilise resource rich geographies for economic & political gains, is too exposed & has started to be very prolifically used across the World to remain a covert politico-economic advantage to the ruling dispensations within the funding Super Power or other Nations! – An implosion of sorts!

The fact that, too many “Soldiers For Third Party’s Fortune”, around the Globe, have gone beyond their​ “given mandates” & opened up their own shops and agendas, sub-terrainian​ to existing & competeing World economies! 

These, independent agendas of “proxies turned disruptive entrepreneurs of terror”, have rattled more than the Global financial sharks!

Their independent schemes have in fact, shaken the beilefs of the electorates in their Governments, Super-Power and lesser beneficiary nations alike, across the Globe and even in intermediaries like Pakistan! 

This present state of “the golden egg laying, cheap goose” is doing more harm than just embarrassing the morality of World leaders, it is threatening their vert political existence in their Nations, not just individual constituencies.

For the above reason alone if not others,  “terror – the economic & military force multiplier”, is set to be shelved or discarded, at least for the present by ‘reducing’ or ‘cutting off’ it’s major funding directly or through the intermediaries & the embers kept on a tighter leash.

The total annhiliation of such “force multipliers” is difficult to fathom.

New political World leaders on the block, hoping to establish themselves in the ‘Whos-Who’ pecking order at home & globally will be hard to convince to give up their “cheap proxy muscles”, that may set their plans to fund their presidential visions & aspirations asunder, unless they invest in “World Peace”, genuinely by finding benign ways to fund their economies.  

President Trump is a case in point, who has an enviable choice to remain a “American Flash-in-the-pan-do-gooder” or choose to be “World Phenomenon”

After all, most of the G-20 leaders did look rather listless on the terror issue, while facing criticism at home as, they were and unsure of stating anything strong, in the absence of clear indications or a firm commitment from USA, especially after President Trump’s pronouncements on reducing ‘NATO & Climate Change Funding’.

Notable exception was the Indian PM Narendra Modi, who evolved as a leader, thinking of & dealing with the effects of terror over decades and seemed most clear on the way ahead for India as well as the overt and determined World with no hidden agendas. In fact he was the initiated into the PM’s seat dealing with terror, independent of Super-Power diktats or subtleties, except what’s good for his people.

Terror as a covert weapon and a tool of destabilisation and exploitation, is seeing it’s pallbearers arrive, though how loud & long it’s dying breath will be, is anyone’s guess, except that the investors will take their own time to extricate cleanly.

Only an, ‘errant stand alone Nation’ can now support, modify or justify terror under the usual names of religion, ethnicities, etc..

However internationally, consumption and greed to secure the individual National future, will continue to haunt the select rich Super Powers.

Therefore, the question that will remain for ever will be, what new tool or weapon of coercion and exertion of their desires, will the Super-Powers invent and use on poorer World countries laden with resources, who are unwilling to share to their people’s disadvantage with already well endowed Nations.

We are watching the begining of the end of an ugly era & weapon – “Terror” , that has been uglier than the “Little Boy”, the latest yet unknown secret latest  “Space or Nuclear Clean Weapon” or some other “weapon or idea of mass destruction”, in thought or execution whether, covert or overt.

Be vigilant, friends.

-Colonel Dilip Kumar Sharma

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