As China opens its One Belt One Road summit, anti-CPEC protests erupt in PoK
My Comments:
The sullen child attitude does not work in the real politick & economics of the World.
India must engage & contribute positively  and then gain from within to isolate or marginalise it’s detractors like Pakistan, rather than refuse and face redundancy. 
With so much trading already taking place with Pakistan, what is the harm in adding more, to gain access to whole new markets in Central Asia & Eastern Europe, areas where China and Russia have to have an upper hand in any case? 
Geo-strategic alignments which are never permanent, like with USSR then & the West now, cannot be allowed to ruin this opportunity. 
India must partake of this opportunity and many other possibilities that will emerge from this corridor rather than dash them on imaginary anvils of Western Economies alone.



Pakistan boasts about its history, but with a photo of Red Fort
My Comments:

Those who live in past glories have less to show of their present generations achievements and live in dreams fed to them by newer exploiters.

China’s trans-Asian road-market connectivity and the Shanghai initiative, is springing new market dynamics & wooing. 

That’s all. 

Let India concentrate on producing and market products that will out sell the rest on this road, not necessarily, of a particular country and make a full use of it.


India, Russia reject Pakistan claims of Putin’s offer to mediate

My Comments:

1. Amusing to see Pakistan run helter & skelter to garner support for its nefarious activities after 09/11 and breakup with the West. 

2. It seems to have taken Chinese support for granted, which will be seasonal, conditional as well as strategic in not just military terms but also in economic and political.

3. Desperation to come out of the “Mercenary Runner Organisation Mode” for the highest international bidder and now be known as a respectable nation is becoming apparent. 

4. This statement is also to show it’s own People (Loyal Pakistanis) that their Polity & Military is respected, accepted World wide and their international strategy & designs followed over 60+years are legitimate.

5. All signs of a failed state desperately hanging on to shreds of legitimacy for survival in the present mode and change respectfully by keeping the interests of the rulers safe.

6. That is a long march of sorts and very lonely too.


​Born of the same matter to be tossed around by causes & effects of our deeds, our spirits blunder through our time here, with the power of gliding through with ease, held un-noticed in our consciousness.

Revealing ourselves, to our own selves, is a conscious decision & the singular most precious lifetime reward.

Good Morning Everyone



   ​Pakistan has been at war with India since 1971 or a few years thence, after the Generals came to terms with their comprehensive defeat, that year.

 This has never changed and may never change unless its Army undergoes a detailed mind-set & policy change from the one which exists today, despite their cosing up to the Chinese recently. Even with all their declarations, enactments and diplomatic parlays, Pakistani claims of a serious peaceful place in the committee of Nations, will always be suspect of deception.

   Pakistan, has garnered support of other Nations too in its long journey to infamy, and all facets of proxy wars it has nurtured, during this long period, US & Saudi Arabia being the most prominent.

   The first stage of such a war is softening the attitude of the target population, as we have seen in the Muslim dominated parts of Kashmir and at one time in the late ’80s in Punjab.

   Pakistani premise that, if such a stage is prolonged enough to create an overall international outcry through subversive media plants and planted news events for media to lap up , it can create a state within a state, by coupling it with subversion of the ruling estates, that is, buying off the legislatature (local politicians PDP, NC, Akalis, etc and maybe, some even from the main stream National Political Parties),  administration (Most Kashmiri Govt Employees, are subverted as were the Police ancillaries in Punjab), lower judiciary and the Media (Local, National & International), is the basis of the Kashmir Policy.

     Encouraged by this “success” the enemy has expanded the ambit to the other susceptible parts of the country (This has been in vogue in Kashmir, for two plus decades & has been accepted by the World Politicians & Media for long selectively and for varied reasons at least before 9/11). 

    It is very likely that the “Thousand Cuts War” is already in full swing across the our Nation, with added subversive schemes to include cultural, economic etc. Examples of these are many- if you look at the contents of Bollywood movies, in their funding, one sees a creation of a deliberate local inflation with almost every movie, which is redeemed at the box office within a few days internationally? By whitening money across Nations? Cricket betting, money invested through mosques to take care of Hindu widows, perpetrators of love jihad, overnight purchasing of prime properties at premium rates by radicalised muslims who couldn’t afford the very basics until a few years before and from no major enterprise, in West Bengal, Kerala and other parts of the Nation etc.

    To Defence Services Veterans, Veteran Politicians, Administrative Veterans, these signs are clearer, than to most.

     We are already in a low key subversive war not insurgency, which has its softer facades such as “Continuation of Peace Talks”, “Back Channel Diplomacy”, “Aman ki Asha”, etc all while “Stalling India’s International Diplomacy at Every Step” by successfully  “Equating” Pakistan with India on ever progressive step like, Arms deals, aid, Nuclear Suppliers Group, etc despite having less than 1/10th the GDP and developmental potential. 

   India faces its own challenges internally. This fact of the waging war within, cannot be accepted by any Govt, State or Central,  as it means a failure of their own Police, Intelligence & Administration, especially when worried about the very next election, in which they have to tout themselves as the best for getting votes by hook or crook, even by supporting the extreme radical “National Political Parties & politicians (like  Owaisi, his party and many more shell parties).

    Unfortunately either our own diplomatic resources have slept it over or are silent to a fault or have been made suckers out of, they do not seem to have noticed that other minorities such as the Christian, Hindu Castes and Tribes have also been subverted and radicalised softly but effectively enough, to send whispers down to the most loyal amongst them and raise nnefarious aspirations in them or at least create enough insecurity, at an economic & political level, if not as fanatic anti-Nationals yet, as the Muslim fanatics are heard to be and seem to operate.

  Demonitisation, getting a hold on corruption, bearing down on NGOs etc and having Religious Places and trusts including Mandirs, Mosques, Churches, audited etc are ways to block the sinews of the logistics of the enemy in this war, even if it is just temporary.

    As citizens we have to strengthen our own systems beyond waiting for the Government alone to act and also beyond the narrow confines of our religion, language, castes, etc ethnicities and be aware of the changes taking place in our immediate environs every moment.

Col Dilip Kumar Sharma.


The happenings in Tamil Nadu are not a failure of leadership, b’cos there was none. 

OPS was only standing in.

Public looks at events by the prism of their own individual priorities. 

Unfortunately for the individual in the Public & the Nation at large and therefore in contradiction but luck for for Politicians, the Public is never united because the majority continues to look at Politicians for doles and small favours to just live & exist.

Leadership may have been on the minds of a majority for the obvious reason that, even in the depraved state of existence of the poor multitudes, hope in our inherent values remain.

However, this present Legislative majority tug-of-war, is for the “Collegiums of Corruption”.

Sasikala, knows exactly, which MLA benefited and desired how much during Jaya’s life time.

That information & knowledge is being exploited now.

OPS, may have the Centre’s backing but that will also put pressure on the TN MLAs who wish to benefit, come hell or high water.

Thus the boat to ride, is the one with a Captain of known & similar record, than the one, whose Captain waiting in servility was elevated only because he couldn’t demand or get more from the power he bent to! 

He also seems is dependent & servile, to the promises of an yet unknown power at the Centre, that presently is on an anti-corruption “plank”!

What is Sure is the fact that the Centre, as the people of TN know that Jaya’s legacy is a still a very  “milkable” entity and it is only a Legislature seen to be the most loyal inheritor of that legacy, which can survive for the next two term.

Thus the Legislature, has thus chosen a boat with a deeper draft and a Captain who kept assuring them even during Jaya’s lifetime, that their desires “could yet come true”, even when outside Amma’s offices after they exited, wanting more or dejected. 

That is the only and the biggest advantage that is standing Sasikala in good stead today and is Sure to give her the lead.

Morality and loyalty of Politicians is only to the “Money-Money-Money”, not so much to any “Honey” or “sweet-will” for the electorate, which will await standing in unending lines for pittances not only till the next elections but sadly, also for the “leader” who could make the maximum money, even if to throw out doles to them in an absolute condescending manner of the earlier “rulers” of lands comprising our Nationality.

This equation, is true of all States.

Vote sensibly. 


​Are we harming our our Nation due to petty fiefdoms between the Ministries of Defence & Home and in the Ministry of Defence between the Uniformed and Civilian Officers & employees? Within the Defence Services, between the Senior Generals and Juniors Generals? Between the Generals & Other Officers? Between Officers & JCOs & NCOs?

• Either the sentiments are running very high, or these are the perceptions being spread by people inimical to the Nation. However this can happen only of it is “seen so by the public and the Defence Forces Personal” starting with the Jantar-Mantar event and et all, while the Senior Defence Hierarchy & the MoD chooses to remain silent?!

• This is what an external enemy would want to happen in our camp and Defence Services.Is that what our IAS, IPS & Political Class are doing it to that part of the Nation they do not associate with or look down at?.

• Is not important enough for the Prime Minister to be seized of and issue in detail and these fires before they consume the spirits of the most essential services of not just the Defence Services but also the entire Nation? Is it not time of setting Defence Services  free by enabling the Police well enough to deal with all Civil security issue within the National including that  of Parades etc? Why is Justice not fast and as ruthless enough, as in the Defence Forces, for the IAS & IPS for all the Lapses that cause civil unrests due to sheer bad administration and lack of real-time intelligence reports? Why are Defence Services called out to deal with insurgents in, home grown insurgencies in Assam, Manipur, Nagaland and NOT the Police? 

• Further, the morale of Defence Services that are doing Administrative & Policing Jobs in every open bore well with a child fallen into it, to fighting insurgents are insulted by the Politicians, Administration and Police, even when they are in Uniform and Publically? 

• What does it do to add or take away, the sheen off the Prime Minister’s talks and promises to his Nation’s Defence Forces?

• These are intrinsic and extremely important as well as sensitive issues that need immediate action.

• I wish to share a forward from a What’sApp group that illustrates the growing frustration amongst the Defence Services and amplifies the above mentioned clearly :-

(Reproduced as received)

“…. 1. Hundreds of Army, Navy and Airforce officers in ceremonial uniform carrying valid non-transferable passes issued in their names for Republic day parade by MHA were denied entry to their designated enclosures today morning, by the police.

2. Passes were for enclosures dedicated for Defence personnel. Police cited that the enclosures were already full.

3. Never in my life have I felt so shamed and humiliated donning this uniform, than on this Republic Day when my son looked at me questioning the status of Army Officers viz a viz Police Sub Inspectors.

4.The CMP personnel on duty looked as cluless as they always do in civil areas.

5. Delhi Police was telling Defence Officers & Soldiers in their ceremonials to go and sit in general public enclosures .While some Officers resisted citing being in their Uniforms and pushed around in general public would not be appropriate, the SI, ASI and 2 star ASP’s had the audacity to say “why r u donning uniforms, its ur problem pl go and sit in general public enclosures.”

6. When questioned about how seats were “Full” by hundreds as the passes were non transferrable and issued on officers names the police said – ” its first come first serve basis”; Hiding the fact that there were far greater no of Civilians of MOD, MHA and Police along with their relatives and extended families occupying the seats.

7.Today I want to ask my brother officers:

a. How long do we take this step motherly treatement ?

b. How long we keep quite in the name of discipline that keeps us mute to injustice being done to us.

c. How long before we question our own seniors, likes of whom I saw today donning single stars (Brigadiers) begging SI’s to let them in and let the rest rot as they were senior .” I’d expect them to take a stand with us”.

d. How long before we relaise that we cannot let others treat us like rugs and have to question our superiors who in their petty gains have sold our self respect and honor.

8. Is this why our comrades have laid their lives for ? 😔


• It is very high time for the Politicians, IAS & IPS to be called to account for all Lapses in the Nation.

• The right to recall MLAs even Ministers is an immediate requirement.

• The IAS & IPS must be put under an Army Act kind of an Act enacted under Constitutional arrangements to really make them independently as accountable, swiftly and surely as an Army Officer is in any situation. 

• Are the IPS & IAS officers really accountable for anything serious?

• If so we do not see them being given Summary Punishments like being jailed for the situation in Manipur and putting lives of lakhs of people in jeopardy? How many died due to lack of power, lack of speedy transportation, etc. The list is very long to be recounted here. Neither the Politicians nor the IAS, IPS is to blame? Only insurgents from across the border have created the situation, are alone to blame and INDIA is a sitting DUCK waiting for the Army to sort out the issue?

• The enemy is not across the borders or in the jungles. It is in our offices, in the complacent minds of our Administrative Systems, in the actions of our Police Forces, in the attitude of Lordship of our Politicians, who are not just chipping away but chopping away at the morale of not just of our Defence Services but also the People of India.

• Time for stringent measures is now slipping away. Soon these Administrators  will have a stronger hold on their Politicians who they will be helping during elections of all hues and places.

• When will Prime Minister Strike Surgically on Political, Police and Administrative Corruption? The Second Term may be too late. By them the administrators will have caught major players of the Legislature in a vice like grip and the one chance India has will have been lost to another new Cosy Lutyens Club even if of another colour.

• The One Leader , Nation is Sure will act on all  kinds of ills India faces, is Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

• We desperately, await Your action, Sir.