• Does respectfully ignoring actions of the arrogant & conniving, emboldened them & weaken you?
•Ignoring the question of strengths & weaknesses itself, is a better choice?
•Is choosing one’s aim in such a situation, for example choosing between – trying to improve the environment or being at peace with oneself, the moot question that should decide the course of action?
•If a combination of these is advocated, what should decide, how much is “enough” for a befitting riposte & will such an action coming from a person generally not viewed as an equisential, help at all?
•Does the solution lie in constant strife and continuous push back?

•In a fast populating World with reducing recreational spaces in the environment and in the minds, answers to these questions have become essential skills to happy, healthy, community living.

•While its all individualistic, a society has to start understanding the politely silent to avoid loosing last few who are happy not competing in the theatre of the absurd & un-urbane, that urban living is slowly regressing into.

– Dilip

(Painting Credits with Thanks – Rito Prieto @Fine Art America)

Good Morning Everyone


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Happiness is the elixir of life & is intoxicating, sometimes even at the cost of self-depreciation & loss! That then becomes, appeasement which is a parasite affecting judgement, personal effectiveness & allows others to take advantage, thus pushing the best into mediocrity. Appeasement always has a hidden rotting rat in it. Know that and make blissful equanimity & clinical correctness, the skill to excellence & the professional happiness norm! – Dilip

Good Morning Everyone

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President, PM & Sridevi – The Controversy

• I have read most of the comparative comments doing rounds on Social Media on this topic and am saddened by them immensely, not for the actor or the soldiers nor for the Head of the State or its Chief Exec, but for us, the gullible people who are being treated as morons by the writers of such posts and tweets!

• This is so, because on a different note the under mentioned also merits equal attention:

1. Soldiers and actresses are as different as cheese and chalk hence just not comparable!

2. Every Nation needs to encourage and respect all diverse aspects that it’s society appreciates, enjoys and wants, as long as they are beneficial to the Nation and not against it. That includes, Soldiering as it does its, Art, Culture, Sciences, Education, Society, Statesmanship, Politicians, Finance, Industry, etc. The list is as extensive as is the vibrancy of the Society of a Nation. None of these can be ignored, none can overshadow the other, none has priority over another, except in very extreme times. Even then, the strength of a Society will remain in the diversity of activities it can undertake at once, in times of crisis.

3. How so ever we criticise it, Bollywood is both, liked by the masses that India is, and also provides much wanted revenue, as State, Central taxes as well as foreign exchange and more, even from our ‘so-called-adversaries’, Pakistan, China as also from the Middle East nations, Russia, SL, BD, the ASEAN, etc not to miss out on the Indian diaspora across the Western World!

4. Sridevi is an awardee of a National Award and the State authorised her the State Funeral as per provisions in the governing rules & regulations of the State & Center. It was not due to someone’s individual fancy or oversight. Neither Bureaucracy nor Polity would want to invite trouble or criticism on an issue as temporarily emotive as the last rites of a popular figure when it can be easily handled.

5. Gaudy orr elegant, euphoric or depressed, home breaker or maker, Sridevi ruled the box
office and the hearts of millions across the Indian & Global populations earning not just fame for herself & the film makers, but also gave enough and more returns as earnings & taxes than any other actor in Bollywood, to the Indian Financial System in its entirety.

6. Staying on the revenue aspect, each of the movies that Sridevi starred in, carried them off singularly and those, that stood as grossers on the box office day, month & year after year, she sent back more revenue to the Indian Financial System, than many enterprises put together. What happened to all that amount is a question that political parties governing India and the financial systems need to answer not the actor! It’s like asking a martyred soldier, ‘What happened to the peace that you died for?’. Meanwhile, the excellent actress kept doing what she liked best, just as the soldiers do that which is their passion, ignoring all intricacies leading to happenings around and beyond!

7. Yes Apples and Oranges are not comparable just as soldiers and actresses are not, however over the Social Media, some preverted political minds would have us believe, that by tweeting condolences for Sridevi the President & the PM belittled a soldier?!

8. The targets of such posts, clearly are the political entities and the “time pass emotional gullible users of Social Media – us“, not the deceased or the martyred.

9. The Super Star, Sridevi and the brave Martyred Soldier, are only being used as vehicles to subtly create & plant a political narrative in the public, by remorseless minds who think that the population intoxicated with What’sApp is senile enough to lap up all such propoganda.

10. That is a question each one of us have to ask ourselves, how gullible are we?


The Quest Of Life

The Quest

A translucent glass globe hanging low inspiring awe & imagination or a dust laden cold astroid pock marked with imperfections!?!

How comforting, awe-inspiring stories & imagination, become rock, dust, dark craters & symbols of devastating crashing clashes of the celestial bodies!

One reassures deep within the other quenches an un-satiated curiosity to reach far beyond !

The curiosity to delve into the unknowns in small ways or huge, within & beyond, marks the time for every person alive.

– Dilip

Turning The Venerated Saint Valentine In His Grave !

•Valentine’s is a corrupted but popular day with youth in the absence of another occasion to express and feel their freedom, the World over.

• Bigoted too have this day to assert their political presence, the World over.

• We have our own.

• I call it corrupted in the West too, because the Saint did not exactly license it as a day of free sex as some organisations are making it out to be.

• He just made it a day of sharing natural desire to love in circumstances that extreme orthodox Christianity created in those days, that may or may not exist today.

•Unfortunately the extreme right groups are creating that exact situation, through their bigotry, though for political reasons only!

• Otherwise banning the Arya Samaj / Court / Other such Marriages un-escorted by parents and grandparents and other grands would be a better place to start a religious-social orthodoxy and also forcing everyone to start wearing a dhoti, pajama etc..!!

• Or banning seductive songs from nuptials in every community at every 40 Kms of the length and breadth of the country, where customs change should have been a better place to start!!

• Or would acceptance of Burqa would be a better thing?

•Who can stop a consenting adult couple from becoming lovers?

•None. At least not outsiders.

• The openness with which a family brings up their kids will decide if as young adults they laugh at such occasions or use them with responsibility or misuse such occasions.

• Hasn’t Navratri in Gujarat become one such occasion and for nine days continuously? There are statistics for that!

• Valentine’s day has no official status.

• It is a just popular social practice being followed since the day of the venerated Saint and adopted by the youth across the World.

• Why is it popular, Has never been asked!

• It is popular and was required in orthodoxic stagnation of a very natural desire amongst the young to explore their boundaries of the emotions of love, as separate from the love for brothers, sisters and parents or relatives.

• Our uncontrolled exploding population proves every second how stupid some amongst us are in running around bushes trying to stop love and sex!!

• I would love to hack into the mobiles of these moral-policing retards and check what they do with pornography!!!

• Let’s give ourselves a break and delve into how to improve education so that what ever that the young do behind bushes or these dal-wallas do in their privacy is, healthy, physically and mentally, not create a circus of the ridiculous.

That’s my two paise bit on what the Western Saint and our own Kama-Sutra proponent Rishi have in common and my interpretation of their thoughts for the present day.

Keep debating.
It will sure add to this tamasha 😃



•The beginning of a nation are the most important moments.

•India began by getting its spirit & shape through its fantastic, unique apolitical Constitution.

•The Constitution, needed a body as strong as the spirit it espoused.

•By the time the apolitical Constitution could give birth to its equally idealistic limbs & body, this gem of our Constitution had attracted the existing interests of the Contractors-cum-Politicians, in the emerging new order.

•The shape of this fantastic spirit, thus got hijacked & translated everything the Constitution stood for, to a mix of political interests aimed to retain all of the exploitative environment that benefited a select few as it did during the Moghul and British slavery. 

• The cutting edge of a very few limbs like the Defence Services, Press & the Judiciary remained apolitical, only because of the difficulties in doing so or being overwhelmed by the illegal profits already made!

• Thus, we created an extremely free, progressive soul & stuffed it in an exploited body that was now bonded to new masters – The exploiters of people’s faith of today.

 • Successive generations & an exploited economy on the brink of disaster, opening​ up to the World, gave large majority of Indians the actual taste of their Constitution.

• However the limbs of the Constitution, meant to implement the letter & spirit of the Constitution, remained enslaved to the exploitative contractor-politician nexus.

• Exceedingly​ growing levels of awareness,  education & RTI, are making the a/m nexus untenable against the ground swell of demands for entitlements bestowed to the Nation by its Constitution.

• This then is Our Republic, the growing, 70 odd years Young Nation, strong in spirit but yet to find its full body potential with many parts, undiscovered laying lost within its remote geography as well as in the unawares population living working, hand to mouth in its burgeoning smart cities.

• Even as Politicians and their contracting devices pull India asunder, opening​ it to exploitation & corruption, the spirit of our Constitution is spreading making masses aware of their rights, making them do, create & alter all kinds of slavery, past & present, thus moving the Nation, even if ever so slowly but definitely & surely towards the well set goals & along the guiding compass enshrined in the Constitution.

• The journey through the morasses​ of heavily corrupt, exploitative, enslaving stagnant backwaters remaining in the wake of the Mogul & British exploitation of the past,  the present & ongoing “Political-Contractor-Auditor-Administrator-Nexus” with all related & resultant ills & happenings, has neither been and nor is going to be easy especially when a prostituted media blares ills of one political affiliation on us to espouse the fairness of another. 

• Our Republic Friends, is gaining its momentum and the thickest of the dark environment holding onto it, is finally letting go it’s shackles.

•True worth of our freedom is yet to be experienced and gauged.

• Stay braced for the best for, the drivers of this Nation are changing.

– Dilip

*Happy Republic Day*