MoD, Defence Policies & How The Soldiers Of The Air-Land & Seas, Tolerate Them & Yet Manage To Live Happily!

(Credits with Thanks to variois cartoonists whose works have been reproduced here)

The Ministry of Defence of India without a single combatant who has ever faced or could even imagine what an enemy may use against the defence of the borders of India, but makes polices on which such wars have to be fought, may have already played havoc with the future of India as many historians & contemporary writers, analysts and the enemies would have already written.

These policies, that are supposed to make India impregnable or test it’s strengths, are a cause of worry to every aware citizen and should worry the leaders too, who will like Nehru beyond party lines, will always be linked to any debacle of the future due to their negligence, today.

Knowing all of the above and cringing at every new policy and statement, it’s a wonder how “Faujis” manage to remain motivated in the service of the Nation until their last breath! What keep them going?

So here, India’s Political establishment & it’s essential ancillaries are being analysed and laid bare, in a lighter note hopefully touching the right chords in all spheres, the legislature, administration, the public and obviously the Faujis serving and retired. 

No insult is intended at all in this write-up. Its just a satire in good humour. Any likeness to anyone living or dead in anyone’s mind may be very true only in that space! Here,, it’s just humour without insult or injury.

How Do Aware Servicesmen See These Political & Administrative Facades?

On Enrollment/Commission the Govt takes charge of our lives & runs us through a variety of ups & downs & stages – Youngest-😶🤣, Senior Subalterns-😑😅, Capts-😐😄, Majors-Lt Cols-🙂😳, Cols-🤨🤬, Brigs-😖😯, until😪or Gens-😜or “Koi-Nai-Faraq-Penda-Walla- Bliss”-😌!

How long Govt wants to pay us salary or how long it wants us to enjoy pension the politicians & bureaucrats got to decide (at least for now!) – But pay they have to – 😆

The problem with competitive politics is that every dispensation comes to power riding on the backs of their own Cadres (Read ‘Pvt Armies’) who rally the population to vote one or the other way.

The more wayward their leaders, the harder their cadres have to work.

The more wayward the leaders, the more aware leaders are about the fact that they can’t survive without their ‘Pvt Armies’.

Hence alone, their penchant for the word “Army”!

To politicians it’s black & white, either you are in their camp or you are the opponent (Read Enemy)

Now comes the catch!

These guys are not able to fathom whose “Bhakts” are we in the “Defence Forces”!

“Country’s Bhakts”/ “The Nation Alone” is just an antiquated historic lexicon used against the British during the ‘Battle of Independence’ by every Politician’s Grandfather and was cremated respectfully immediately thereafter!

There was never a need for such a category within the visible 360 degree horizons of their work spheres; because, the later generations never ever (‘ever, ever, ever x infinity’ – just for the Arnab touch) had to face such trials of facing live bullets at all!

Hence to the majority of the politically voting population, we their Army are “Grey” (thankfully there’s a ‘r’ & ‘e’ not an ‘a’ in it!), antiquated museum pieces brought back from the lost frontiers of geography & history telling quaint tales of how a piece of a ‘hill’ was significant & was snatched from ‘others’ (who could be major business partners in future) and the place can some day be developed to be a tourist spot!

The brighter amongst us from the Defence Forces, change sides, their dictionaries and the words we have used all our lives to align with their new masters. Their new vocabularies change to.something like:
-Enemy becomes Cong/Sanghi/Other Political Opponents.
– ‘KDL Key Defended Locality’ becomes ‘Own Constituancy/Ward/etc.
-Target becomes that which is to be Grabbed & can mean anything, land/populations/money/human beings.
– The list is long & developing as we look inwards for competition to vent energies & gain by hook or crook rather than look outward beyond our borders where the competition is not their cup to be competed, any more!

These bright stalwarts amongst us are not employed by their new ‘High-Commands’ for their knowledge or their expertise of the Defence Services where they could pose a threat by having an ‘upper hand’ & carve out a Constituancy of their own, they are only meant to adorn the outer walls of the Party functions/functioning to simply garner more applause, because the voter living without a salary or any promised pension, is an expert in recognising which leader can or cannot deliver him/her the goods s/he needs for survival.

While this cycle goes on one section of this scene, always has the ‘laughs’ from deep within as well as the sidelines, while Defence Services ‘fight’ & Politicians struggle to ‘survive’ compelx & devious political plans, canards, sabotage, ambushes & hostile depth charges!

These humourless jesters are the record keepers, the ‘Babus’, the IFS/IAS/IES/IPS/Allied Services, without the favours of which even Lady Luck shies away!

Many of us find worthy concubines in this Babudom.

These officers like the dignified concubines draft out policies that cater to the present master in the room rather than for the Services or the ‘Desh’!

The policies they draft themselves are obviously short-sighted, lack substance and are only meant to appease & show their “efforts” till the end of the year ACRs; these are not meant to “Solve” anything, beyond the room of convince!

So relax and remember where we started :
“On enrollment/commission the Govt takes charge of our lives….”

Just ensure you choose to emote well in the choices you choose- 😶🤣 or 😑😅 or 😐😄 or 🙂😳 or 🤨🤬 or 😖😯or or😪or😜or😌!

In this melee, how you enjoy a salary or a pension is up to you – Pay they have to – 😆

-Col D K Sharma

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Public Lynchings Of Policemen & Anyone on Suspicion.

( Picture credits to various news media with thanks -Lynchings in Kashmir, Assam, Delhi, Maharashtra, Kerala- Lynching pictures could not be traced and the unplanned concrete jungles – Our Cities that need Policing! Do we have it what’s required to do it? – All political parties in all States have converted their law & order machinery to the same sad state & they seem to thrive on it since independence – Very sadly, nothing new has been done at all since then“. )

●The system has been systematically corrupted by the politicians, over years for ‘Party Funding & Election Funding’ & worse they are today not social workers, but goons & gangsters masquerading as pious.
● Look at the facts:
– The Police Act revisions are not in keeping with the current demography or crime expectancy.
– Recommendations of various Police Commissions to improve/modernise the State & Central Police Organisations have not been ratified & implemented.
-The above facts are more dismal in the case of Police Forces at the State level, the first legal & Government responders to a crime, because :
• Lack of numbers, training, education & crisis management skills are nonexistent.
• Morale to take initiatives is in the boots due to poor Pay & allowances, political interference.
– How does one expect a guardian of the Law of the State feeling like a labourer, to act against an errant MLC/MLA or Landlord with low morale & no training?
– Pay revisions have not been current or updated to the present social economy level.
•Recruitment has not been current with the changing demographic shifts, crime rates & criminal modus-operandi. Thus the manpower strength is half of the required resulting in no or less backups.
• Exploitation of this poor state of finance, morale and ability of the lower rungs of Police rank & file is almost complete.
● This suits Politicians to:
– Carry out illegal activities in the name of Parties & its funding.
– Masquerade law as legitimacy for their party goons to act with immunity in the grey zones of the law and public patience.
– Such use of the Police rank & file corrupts the Police too, individually & collectively as a corrupt body operating at the Thana or even at higher levels.
● The situation is worst in the hinterlands having rich irrigated Farms, Mines, Forests or anything else to exploit financially.
– In the areas bordering the Urban & rural there are clashes between the pained but unawares population and the exploitated Police.
– In Urban areas it is a battle of wits between the aware & unawares, each side hedging to see how much law other side knows and how far legally the other sides can take a dispute.
– Over worked courts too prefer issues to be settled amongst aggrieved parties rather than add another case to their itinerary two years down the line!
● These weary population and Police Forces provide the best environment for parties to grow in numbers, as people take their problems to MLCs & MLAs for resolution rather than to Courts (or Banks for finances) giving the politicians more power and enslaved vote banks!
– This situation also provides ruling State Governments with liquid funds meant for Pay & perks of authorised numbers of Policemen and organisation development.
– In addition Politicians hire Police Wardens from their own party rank and file consolidating their hold on vote banks.
● This has been in vogue since Independence in the Center and States with varying degrees.
● This knotty problem is not going away soon unless it is dealt with full intent, its like arresting or killing Dawood.
●It will continue to thrive just below the surfaces we live on.

● Existing Police reforms reports are now antiquated. New studies will take time in studying, reporting, being ratified by the Parliament and implementation would take some time.

●Few politicians can push such an agenda, luckily India is at the right point in time for that! But how much can one man deliver?! It needs all of us and more it needs us – united!

◆ So vote with responsibility for your present & future generations.

– Dilip

Make a change every day, everyone👍🏼

PM’s Office & Narendra Modi – The Integrity & The Enigma.

• I just love the man- Narendra Modi, because of his abilities & integrity.

• All else about him is tried, tested & wrought in political fire – his personal history is very unique & very special.

• Yet I refuse to be blinded.

•What compulsions of an office, let a alone a PM’s Office, makes one do in the official appointment’s best interests, as perceived by the incumbent, is never known till those moments are long past & history writers emerge from the shadows, they were cowering under when the fires were burning, to start analysing and pronouncing on all that, which alone will decide the incumbent’s legacy long after he’s gone.

• That moment for Modi is not even on the horizon. The only critique we hear in the media is the groaning complaining noises of a collapsing edifice of the Congress, long past its glory & cancerous to the Nation and itself.

• On the other hand, the ills of the Nehru-Era are tumbling out of every closet, but only after an absolute veneration of 60 & more years of being the toast of every thing connected with Indian independence & development from pre-independence times up to 2014.

•Surely the “Nehruvian” exposures needed some effort on the part of all those who are uncovering them, today.

• The intent to decimate the opposition once for all is not difficult to decipher, however isn’t the time, money & effort spent on excavating Nehru, going a bit too far now?

• Why is such a costly crutch required to promote and maintain Modi at the PMO, remains unanswered because neither does Modi need it nor is it assisting him to convert larger numbers of Congress men to his fold.

• Lets face it whatever ills Nehru did or not, he was at a place in time that he simply had to do a lot of good too, that cannot be dispelled by sheer rhetoric and perverted media formulations.

• Modi too has arrived at a similar point and place on Indian timeline! – Times when India needs major changes.

• However, today is only ‘a-step-up’ built on all previous stoic solid steps with maybe greater epic civilisations providing foundation deeper beneath; But India is not a make believe beleaguered castle that just floated by in the air for BJP to save.

• The good, the bad and the ugly have all contributed to its level today.

• How good each step was is known only by the support it provides to the ‘N’th step ahead that gives a bird’s eye view, not earlier.

• Hence comparisons are weapons being used because it suits the present wave that itself will be put to such scrutiny & judged much later in time.

• Why did Nehruvian exposition not happen immediately after Independence? This is “explained” by both sides in two very different versions today, especially easier in retrospect.

• Hence the constant ‘hate-Congress’ static we hear in the media raises questions about itself & its necessity.

• Such hate campaigns appear to yelling ‘Help-Modi’ to continue as PM!

• I don’t think, Modi needs such pulling down of poster boys of Indian history now! It’s sullying the Modi’s benevolence & maturity to absorb an adolescent & awkward past!

• Pre-2014, the break-in period for Modi was very different. Then Modi was being introduced, now he’s to consolidate the new and the left overs.

• Pre-2014 electioneering rhetoric is now actually abusing the abusers.

• However, I really pray that as usual history does not repeat itself one way or another, when this triumphant BJP in the near future will start looking like a beleaguered Congress of today if it does not redirect all these funds, energy, innovative thoughts etc to Nation building rather than build new catchy rhetoric, irrespective of what trolls would say.

• The PMO India, is the most dynamic Office in the World today simply because India is neither here nor there, in most of the issues of administration, policy, strategy, all affairs of the home, foreign, economy, commerce, et-al that will convert India to a greater country in today’s World, than the limited World Ram chose for his Lilas, in the physical form.

• Our shifts from a USSR backed modelling to the Western backed one, with all the resources, technology, markets & potential economy, while wanting to have a friendly foot across the Himalayan divide too, also make the PMO’s Office one of the most happening places in the World.

• A very envious time for a leader wanting to leave a mark in not just Indian antiquity but in the World history too.

• We in India cannot afford to loose this opportunity to cleanse ourselves – our systems, our ethos, our perceptions of ourselves, et-al off the existing structures & mind-sets.

• Despite the above there’s a very big danger!

• Are we seeing a similar blind emotional wave carrying Modi’s BJP today, that carried & kept a Nehruvian Congress at the helm for 60 plus years with all the fallacies we are being told about today?!

• Political manoeuvrings meander far & near the truth only for convenience.

• Therefore, with politicians, I prefer to be very careful, ultra watchful until the very last moment, I therefore prefer to listen to all sides & as many views as I can.

• Democracy levies that responsibility on me and no one who wishes to partake of democratic freedom can afford to ignore it unless s/he chooses to remain blind for whatever reason.

• The more critical views do not seem to bother Modi or his following, much; but I simply love to know more about them, because if wrong they will cement my support to him even more than the fact that I consider him to be the very & the only best there is today! Else the obtuse will educate me for the better.

• However, to close my eyes to the critical and give him a blind and emotional clean chit for the next 5 or 10 years or more in the Centre, even if there’s no choice?- Not yet or so fast, Sir!

• We just haven’t arrived at that point, yet that we can even start judging Modi.

• I will take every day as it comes and give him & his team, daily reports only for every day he remains in power, as rationally as possible before passing any ‘total’ judgement on him.

• I can never provide him or any other politician an emotional carté-blanché.

• My training as a Defence Officer and experiences in cleaning the left overs of all seducers of opportunity & power, across political alignments of BJP, Congress, TMC, NCP, et-al, do not allow me the freedom to allow any of these power-brokers a puritan halo.

Some perspectives:

– My Opinion?
Yes, Modi is by very far the most promising political leader I have seen in 60 years.

Is he squeaky clean?
Seems so. He couldn’t have dealt with corruption & the corrupted as he does, otherwise.

Will he remain so?
Only he can say and the rest can only speculate.

-Am I ready to speculate?
No I should not, as no one else should in a democracy.

Any reasons & examples for the caution?
Yes, the OROP for starters.

Why is he not able to do what he had promised during elections?
Modi’s compulsions may exactly be, what may have happened to Nehru’s promises before & after Independence, sitting in India’s Chief Executive’s Office and dealing with priorities, of the pressures, of the office!

-Highly raised expectations, low resources, a very leaky administration and just too many to please.

Should we support Modi?
Definitely, India has never come so close to self-audit, self-critique or promised itself so many changes even at the cost of self-inflicted pains like GST & what have you!

• We must support this wonderful process with the hope that it has been set rolling by Modi and is only awaiting more momentum!

• Support it with all our hearts and spirits and resources and endeavours; But keep your ears to the ground, and eyes peeled.


•Memories are emotional snapshots of the past but rarely a clear assessment of the complete, that was.

(Painting Credits with Thanks to Joshua Flint)

• They are referral repositories & maps created from life’s uncharted experiences & journey for individual security & emotional comfort, hence subjective.

(Painting Credits with Thanks to Joshua Flint)

• Integration of snapshot memoirs with past & present realities rationally, alone makes a picture of a lifetime complete & relevant to its present & future, beyond the instant emotional comfort it provides.

(Painting Credit with Thanks to

• Acceptance of the stark synthesis of a lifespan worth of memoirs with the entirety of realities objectively, alone makes for an evolutionary transformation of the spirit, empowering it deeply, beyond what it ever was – Dilip

(Painting Credits with Thanks to: Lia Meliá)

• Please leave a comment and a like if it provides a perspective. 😊🙏


•Beliefs are always acquired mental anchorages for psychological comfort & are at best inflexible supports or at worst fuzy ideas of how the World should be or conditionally gyrating everything to a single point of view; but they are always debatable & never the original – ‘by birth’ attributes.
• A belief held by someone may not always be true for another person.
• Beliefs provide comfort in a life we create for ourselves.
•Everyone lives their own lives with different beliefs or none at all.
• Each is right and has the freedom to live an individual life.
•Neither can one live others lives nor can one debate another’s belief.
•A point of view from a single belief may lead some to pronounce judgements that suit their mind sets & provide comfort from that perspective.
•The truth for others may stem from other beliefs & find pronounced judgements silly, offensive or plain stuck up.
•The World, lives of people, circumstances & times, are dynamic & continuously evolving to adapt to the immediate or sustained requirements of the new ever changing dynamic in their own individual little universes.
•For example, a belief that necessarily made banging of feet on a tarmaced drill square in a weird manner an achievement, may change to an arthritic belief in later years!
•The only attribute nature built in to the DNA of all species at birth is of symbiotic existance & tools for that are love, understanding, acceptance of the other as they be with their attendant failings at various instants of their lives.
• Sometimes our own need for our own gratification in our own way, overrides the understanding that others too hold their beliefs in their own ways. Thus we ride roughshod, sargent-major style, on acceptance, understanding, love & attributes for symbiotic living.
• Isolation may not be a natural option, coexistence is in many ways a necessity. Symbiosis happens by going back to the DNA, not by species snipping and whipping each other because their very own beliefs have been violated.
– Dilip

Live & let live, happily in contentment.
Help where you can.

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Happy Life

” When the heart is pure, the mind is blissful, clarity prevails, the obvious is done & stated without animosity or fear.

On the flip, a single unresolved hidden skeleton, a needling feeling or memory, may force the best thoughts & advice to sound like Greek with or without punctuations!

The slate of the mind and the pump in the heart, are always our own to wipe & pace at will, with exercises called forgiveness to the self, brotherhood to all-around, acceptance of everyone as they are and just pure gratitude for just being.

We have to however raise ourselves a bit, for that in more ways than just material.”

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Life & Destiny

All existence, wether raging torrents or gentle gurgles of merriment, runs individual courses meandering across lifespans to its ultimate fulfillment, that destiny always, is.

The dynamic alone is its life, neither did it exist as such before, nor will, after.

Each moment is unique & incomparable to its own, very next.

Other lifelines may walk or float along, some may even dive in or adventurers attempt to block it too, but the momentum of destiny of every existence, always runs its full course, in its own suitable meanderings & time frames, subtlety or torrentially.

Existence is the merriment of the surface ripples, waves & swirling whirlpools, as well as the strong eddies & heaving currents scraping, pushing, sculpting the deep bottom of the, very core!

The thrill of existence is its dynamic uncharted flow.. Go with that… Enjoy it, that’s all we have.


(Pictures & Painting Credits to the Fantastic Photographers, Publishers and Painters, with gratitude)

Have a great day ahead!

Good Morning Everyone

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