Rhetoric is the  art of ruling the minds of men – Plato

Mamta Bannerjee, the CM of West Bengal, has proved Plato right every time she speaks.

Her seemingly simplistic but scathing rhetoric steming from anything that is relatively lesser known, has held her electorate in awe of her and that gives her enviable power

Leading a relatively young party the Trinamool Congress, she has been hard pressed to build Corpus’s for all contingencies her party can face, to enable it to break off all alliances with major parties and run through elections alone, under the existing unwritten norms that have governed Indian elections for many decades, especially after ‘The Emergency’. 

However, this time she has bitten more than she can bite.

Under pressure of the sudden fall in fortunes, derailed plans, bitten by the ‘Sharda Scam’, falling ‘Fly-Overs, etc and the latest, due to the ‘Demonitisation’ announced by Prime Minister Narendera Modi, Mamta Bannerjee, seems to be in the grips of utter paranoia, believing that the entire World is only gunning for her.

Her ultra paranoid behaviour was manifest in her being spoofed by the Indian Army’s routine annual logistic exercise being conducted since 1962, under well laid out standard operating procedures (SOPs) that involves collection of statistical data of the numbers & types of civilian vehicles that can be hired between various places in the hinterlands & right upto the border areas, in case of an National Emergency

The SOPs are based on garnering Civilian Administration support for the same with only a handful of its personal, since bulk of the Army’s own logistics Branches will no longer be available in places like Kolkata or other hinterlands in all border states.

Many amongst her constituency will not know these facts.

Further, due to the scale of the exercise, it starts with legal and administrative compliances involving the, Transport Minister, the State Chief Secretary, RTO, DGP, District Collectors & SPs, etc , Every Year since 1962.

It is therefore impossible for the CM of last two years to be unaware of the ongoing exercise.

However either Mamta was spoofed or she used the event to generate so much rhetoric that she almost sounded & looked self righteous!

The cunning, conniving, somersaulting, politicians! 

Watch out for Mamta’s dexterity as she comes out of this one!