I’m appalled at what was done at Jantar-Mantar.

I am assured that either, the PM has lost it totally,

Or he gullibly accepts what his IAS & IPS tells him.

Either way I feel He needs to told the facts.

Beyond the indignation of differential pensions and tragedy of Police cum Municipal action on a peaceful protest by ESM a lot needs to be said, that unfortunately remains unsaid & SHOULD BE SAID and is as follows:

1. Defence Services are the last tool in the hand of a Nation for everything, a tool that will never loose its sharpness and or despite its sharpness due to neglect by the Nation in terms of training, development & equipment, will remain at the task allotted till they consume themselves or sort out the task allotted to the effect desired by the Nation; Be it External Aggression, Internal Security, Riots, Floods, Pulling Kids Out of Wells & Holes, Search & Rescue Operations of all kinds, Natural & Man Made Calamities not just like Earthquakes & Tsunamis but also Nuclear, Chemical & Biological. Not to forget organising Pomp Pageantries &  Ceremonies too.

2. It MUST BE UNDERSTOOD that, all of the above problems ARE CREATED by a Non Functional Bureaucracy & a Dis-Interested Self Serving Legislature.

3. The Defence Services therefore, are the only bastion the Nation and the Parliament can turn to when all has failed or is failing. AFSPA is just one such classical example, which is necessitated only due to bureaucratic apathy & bungling, as well as lethargy and has to be dealt with by the services after the “Civil Administration” has failed, be it Manipur, Nagaland, J&K or any other place where the Government in the Centre or the State failed to live up to the aspirations of the people and the Nation at large; And be it noted, the Defence Services go there only when “Requisitioned” by the Civil Administration and the Judiciary, NOT of their own, as has been debated in the media time and again.

4. Such an instrument (Defence Services) of the State and the Nation can only be dis-regarded at the greatest peril to any democratic Country. However that seems to have been the last thing on the minds of the UPA & the BJP. Both seemed to have somehow compared the Defence Services to the Central and State Police Organisations and the Administrative Services, while treating the Defence Services as riff-raff that can be enlisted at will and trained to lay their lives down in any of the above mentioned situations! Well the catastrophe awaiting can be guessed easily.

5. The Images of Police & Municipal Action against peaceful ESM will now remain stuck to the BJP, Narender Modi’s soul for ever.

6. The very constituency that Narender Modi & BJP hoped to garner, they have abused.

7. Did the Congress force it on the BJP by enlisting a faction of the ESM and raising a very emotive issue? May be, but the Delhi police and the Home Ministry of the present Government has the issue of pushing old war veterans and widows on their hands and proved to India the Buffoons they are. They have also told generations to come what to expect if and when they sign up to join the Defence Services.


8. The images of soldiers crying tears of indignation, being pushed and having their clothes torn, by the Police of a land they went out to defend, will not ever wash away from my memory.

9. No amount of Pension or Pay or other facilities can redeem it. Now even if granted the OROP, will be like a arrogant Government, disinterested in any Defence Services Morale boosting,  throwing money to soldiers whom they treat as beggars.

10. No apology can undo that.

11. Whether Mr. Modi does Good or Bad for the Nation in future, pushing hurting a soldier who went out into harms way to lay down his life for the Nation IS JUST NOT DONE.

Were the protesting ESM political aligned?

May be, because the politicians could not have left such a huge constituency that the ESM are. Many ESM not at the venue seemed to be fence sitters on an Pan-ESM demand that every ESM definitely wants.

However, the horrible handling of the issue has for ever dented a very happy ESM/ Defence Services – BJP relationship.


Dear PM Sir,

The only people happy and laughing at the turn of events, are those Anti-India Elements from across the borders of India or the corrupt in the IAS, the IPS and in your Ministries who will benefit from humiliating the very people who kept this Nation safe for you to Govern and your opposition, who have now stuck another nail, that will count in the ultimate coffin of the BJP whenever that be, in addition to others from the past which may be true of false, but this one has been chronicled and recorded. The Defence Services Officers with the BJP too will face the ignominy for all times to come.

I wonder if it is the right time for you to show consideration and win over the ESM back from the UPA and not just by throwing money through a Jaitly or a Parikar or a Rajnath?

I too am a BJP member and a very pained ESM.

I joined the BJP only due to the hope you exuded before the elections and believe you have a very astute and humble mind that is clearer than any in the Indian Political sphere today.

Jai Hind.