The question that has those ‘oppressed’,  by the recent ban on Rs.1000 & Rs.500 promissory notes excited, is basically – How far will this ‘Drive to Root Out Black Money’ go?

Two counter questions answer this eloquently –

1.  Hasn’t Narendra Modi  staked his entire political career & that of the BJP and it’s leaders by this move?

2. Can he roll it back?

The answers are obvious. Economy and commerce basically run on exchanges – from ‘Barter’ to ‘Promissory Notes’.

Are there any other  exchanges? – Yes many. As many as innovation and guile create! Both tangible and intangible.

Taking on any illegal tender is like taking on an entire system that runs at the very foundation of a country’s economy and commerce.

Reversals will result only in catastrophe for the initiator as well as for the country.

Hence, the recalling and declaring the two promissory notes illegal is only the start of a long drawn war that will need to be sustained with as much enthusiasm as it has begun.

Any roll back will raise fingers and the motives questioned, dropping the whole exercise into the usual banal allegations of graft & benefits to those close to power.

No political party that has come to power after 10 years and hopes to remain the tallest political entity, can afford to retreat from the Juggernaut that it has initiated without being destroyed itself.

The timing of the ‘Demonetisation Move’ itself gives a clear indication, that before the next elections in 2017 onwards, results of this demonetisation drive are to be used to convince the common man in the country about the intent of the BJP-NDA combined Government.

Obviously, other tenders such as Property, Land, Farming, Water, Every Industry, Bullion, Stock Exchange Burgeons & Shrivels, Hawala, Matka, Angadia, Cricket & other forms of Betting, Movies, Co-operative Banks and Lending Agencies, Media, Judiciary & Judgements and every other innovation to side step the tax-man and legal economy & commerce, will now have to be addressed, to convince the common man on the ground that the intent of the Government is good and to generate the ground swell that will assist the campaign against all forms of “Illegal Tender”, tangible or otherwise.

It is a long drawn overhaul of the system and cannot be rolled back by anyone except those who foolishly believe that they can still continue to ‘Fool’ the common people in the street and have misjudged their anger, helplessness and the power.

Any one standing against this move, can only have their motives & integrity (All that the common man really ascribes to a politician) questioned. The Bihar CM Mr.Nitish Kumar has shown that intellect and wisdom while other political parties are still counting their ill-be-gotten-soon-expiring-promissory-notes buying time and trying to be eloquent to their constituencies about their lost arguments.

This Juggernaut is just starting.

The sequencing, timing as well as the durations of each move will be interesting.

Discerning “Intangible Innovative Black Money Creation Methods” will in itself be a challenge and I’m sure the Government is working on it.

How clean are the conductors, will be an intense debate leaving no rooms for even oversights, leave alone being participatory in any illegal tender. In fact the opposition will be noting every move and their own investigations would have already started to target the Government and its drivers once they are out of power, which does not seem any closer at this point of time. The BJP-NDA would have warned its members about the unceremonious drop from grace and legality they will face in case they are caught out of tune of this steam-rolling barrage that has begun.

This is the most interesting story being followed across the Globe, across the divide of the tangible and the intangible illegal tenders. Every one is waiting to learn more about the positives and the negatives of this monumental sweep.

 Yes, this is a fantastic story and is set to be a landmark in history!


LEADERSHIP-1 : At The Inception Of A Team.

The basis of leadership is the team being led!

• Putting a team together physically & emotionally attuned collectively & equally motivated, mentally coordinated & prepared to do anything for the mission & each other is not just a dream but, it is the basic work of a leader at the very inception or at the very beginning of a task.

•Occasions where such team building is simultaneous as the mission progresses are, either commitment oriented where every member is selflessly keen on being on the team for the sheer experience & thrill of it, or the team members have been keenly selected for such cooperative indulgence.

•However most times, diverse specialities are required for a mission or task with varying degrees of involvement, being put together from diverse unconnected fields for best, unique & competitive results.

•Such common situations generally result in, either a detached limited commitment by some in the team or bruised emotions & sensitivities by others with limited or imagined roles.

•These commonplace situations call upon a dynamic leadership to conceive, foresee, assess and make remedial interventions well in time to avoid the team falling apart due to internal competition and the mission being compromised.

•The qualities required by leaders who lead teams facing such challenges day in & out in diverse fields of the Corporate World are the most foundational and yet at times the most difficult to muster.

• Positively, these qualities are easily developed with some efforts, if identified in time.

• These qualities, in short are –

~ Acceptability: Foremost, the leader has to be able to build his/her own acceptability amongst each of the team individually and collectively. This is as simple as it can be hard.

~ Nonjudgmental: Being nonjudgmental & trusting of the unknown members, enough to learn about & attune each member to the task on hand.

~ Ego: Putting aside ego long enough to be able to correctly assess the basic emotional & motivational levels of each member to bond and perform as a team.

~ Education & Knowledge: Learning, enough about each member’s special competencies so that the leader is able to call upon & apply these specialities, innovatively, in optimal measures, at crucial times to maintain the team’s momentum, snatch the initiative from the competition or change the narrative to the team’s advantage in the field the mission is launched in, is of paramount importance.

Clarity: The leader has be clear that the competencies as tools & weapons, are available to the team, through individual team members alone and these can be applied effectively only by the motivated & active involvement of each individual members, alone. Cross functioning of competencies can be fatal.

~ Respect: The above mentioned competencies will be available to the leader, as essential tools & weapons, only through mutual respect within the team members for each other, the task and most importantly, in their leader.

~ Bonding: With all the above mentioned knowledge, respect & acceptance in control, a leader can set a team on a good course of bonding together & individually, that will hold up the team as a league, a close knit body of competencies with a lot of flexibility to face any dynamic competition as a fast moving weapon retaining the initiative & momentum of its own narrative in the chosen field of contest.

• If the above mentioned is in place, a team will automatically be very well placed on the starting blocks, to undertake a challenging task whenever an opportunity is presented in any field.

– Dilip

To be continued ….

Light-up Your Own Path

“….and yet there’s a light deep within all of us, too! It’s, the knowledge about ourselves & all that constitutes ours, which lights up everything, from our depths to the deep outer space and even far beyond the physical view.
The dark never endures unless we are complacent & unwilling to learn. -Dilip

Good Morning Everyone



• Does respectfully ignoring actions of the arrogant & conniving, emboldened them & weaken you?
•Ignoring the question of strengths & weaknesses itself, is a better choice?
•Is choosing one’s aim in such a situation, for example choosing between – trying to improve the environment or being at peace with oneself, the moot question that should decide the course of action?
•If a combination of these is advocated, what should decide, how much is “enough” for a befitting riposte & will such an action coming from a person generally not viewed as an equisential, help at all?
•Does the solution lie in constant strife and continuous push back?

•In a fast populating World with reducing recreational spaces in the environment and in the minds, answers to these questions have become essential skills to happy, healthy, community living.

•While its all individualistic, a society has to start understanding the politely silent to avoid loosing last few who are happy not competing in the theatre of the absurd & un-urbane, that urban living is slowly regressing into.

– Dilip

(Painting Credits with Thanks – Rito Prieto @Fine Art America)

Good Morning Everyone


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Happiness is the elixir of life & is intoxicating, sometimes even at the cost of self-depreciation & loss! That then becomes, appeasement which is a parasite affecting judgement, personal effectiveness & allows others to take advantage, thus pushing the best into mediocrity. Appeasement always has a hidden rotting rat in it. Know that and make blissful equanimity & clinical correctness, the skill to excellence & the professional happiness norm! – Dilip

Good Morning Everyone

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President, PM & Sridevi – The Controversy

• I have read most of the comparative comments doing rounds on Social Media on this topic and am saddened by them immensely, not for the actor or the soldiers nor for the Head of the State or its Chief Exec, but for us, the gullible people who are being treated as morons by the writers of such posts and tweets!

• This is so, because on a different note the under mentioned also merits equal attention:

1. Soldiers and actresses are as different as cheese and chalk hence just not comparable!

2. Every Nation needs to encourage and respect all diverse aspects that it’s society appreciates, enjoys and wants, as long as they are beneficial to the Nation and not against it. That includes, Soldiering as it does its, Art, Culture, Sciences, Education, Society, Statesmanship, Politicians, Finance, Industry, etc. The list is as extensive as is the vibrancy of the Society of a Nation. None of these can be ignored, none can overshadow the other, none has priority over another, except in very extreme times. Even then, the strength of a Society will remain in the diversity of activities it can undertake at once, in times of crisis.

3. How so ever we criticise it, Bollywood is both, liked by the masses that India is, and also provides much wanted revenue, as State, Central taxes as well as foreign exchange and more, even from our ‘so-called-adversaries’, Pakistan, China as also from the Middle East nations, Russia, SL, BD, the ASEAN, etc not to miss out on the Indian diaspora across the Western World!

4. Sridevi is an awardee of a National Award and the State authorised her the State Funeral as per provisions in the governing rules & regulations of the State & Center. It was not due to someone’s individual fancy or oversight. Neither Bureaucracy nor Polity would want to invite trouble or criticism on an issue as temporarily emotive as the last rites of a popular figure when it can be easily handled.

5. Gaudy orr elegant, euphoric or depressed, home breaker or maker, Sridevi ruled the box
office and the hearts of millions across the Indian & Global populations earning not just fame for herself & the film makers, but also gave enough and more returns as earnings & taxes than any other actor in Bollywood, to the Indian Financial System in its entirety.

6. Staying on the revenue aspect, each of the movies that Sridevi starred in, carried them off singularly and those, that stood as grossers on the box office day, month & year after year, she sent back more revenue to the Indian Financial System, than many enterprises put together. What happened to all that amount is a question that political parties governing India and the financial systems need to answer not the actor! It’s like asking a martyred soldier, ‘What happened to the peace that you died for?’. Meanwhile, the excellent actress kept doing what she liked best, just as the soldiers do that which is their passion, ignoring all intricacies leading to happenings around and beyond!

7. Yes Apples and Oranges are not comparable just as soldiers and actresses are not, however over the Social Media, some preverted political minds would have us believe, that by tweeting condolences for Sridevi the President & the PM belittled a soldier?!

8. The targets of such posts, clearly are the political entities and the “time pass emotional gullible users of Social Media – us“, not the deceased or the martyred.

9. The Super Star, Sridevi and the brave Martyred Soldier, are only being used as vehicles to subtly create & plant a political narrative in the public, by remorseless minds who think that the population intoxicated with What’sApp is senile enough to lap up all such propoganda.

10. That is a question each one of us have to ask ourselves, how gullible are we?


The Quest Of Life

The Quest

A translucent glass globe hanging low inspiring awe & imagination or a dust laden cold astroid pock marked with imperfections!?!

How comforting, awe-inspiring stories & imagination, become rock, dust, dark craters & symbols of devastating crashing clashes of the celestial bodies!

One reassures deep within the other quenches an un-satiated curiosity to reach far beyond !

The curiosity to delve into the unknowns in small ways or huge, within & beyond, marks the time for every person alive.

– Dilip